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 We believe that the ENTIRE community benefits when inclusion is encouraged and practiced in our communities. It is the intent of Encompass Genesee to work to eliminate prejudice and discrimination that is often shown towards people who have developmental disabilities. We plan on growing a new way of thinking.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” –Theodore Roosevelt

Our Mission ...


Encompass Genesee is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide employment and employment training for people with developmental disabilities. We will also foster inclusion for people with developmental disabilities by providing social fellowship opportunities for these people, their families and general public who reside in Genesee County, New York and the surrounding counties.


What Does that Mean?

   It means that Encompass Genesee wants to encourage our community to include people with developmental disabilities in every aspect of our  lives. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people or 15% of the population has a developmental disability. 

Genesee County, New York has a population of almost 58 thousand people. That means that approximately 8700 people living in our county may have a developmental disability. Where are they?

Many of these people with a little help are capable of being employed. Our vision is to create opportunities and sustainable employment for these people. We want to remove the barriers which make it extremely difficult for them to get and maintain jobs. 

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